Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Want to know the complete Khula procedure in Pakistan legally for khula in Pakistan? is yes then you are in the right place. Advocate Jamila Ali is the top divorce lawyer in Lahore who knows the procedure of khula in Pakistan for females. The Khula Process in Pakistan (2021) Is not very simple and easy for females and males. Because in which involved a lot of paper requirements.  Most of the females ask a question how to prepare the khula papers in Pakistan in the light of khula Pakistani Law? Meet the Team of our lawyers in Lahore and share the condition of the case. Then they will guide you that how to solve your dissolution of marriage case in the light of Khula Pakistan family law. In case of more details about the khula certificate in Pakistan after finalizing your khula case visit our website and call advocate Jamila Ali @ +923234910089

Search On Google:

If you are looking the best lawyer for khula in Pakistan then I prefer you to search advocate Jamila Ali on google. Advocate Jamila Ali is the expert lawyer in Lahore for services of all kind of khula cases.

Khula For Overseas Pakistani:

If overseas Pakistani want to get the Khula in Pakistan then you need to follow the Khula procedure for overseas Pakistani & Overseas Pakistani Khula procedure. Because your requirement is different as compare o the Pakistani.

Lawyer For Khula & Types of Khula in Pakistan:

Advocate Jamila Ali is the professional Khula lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for services of khula in Pakistan. Famous two Types of khula in Pakistan is given below:

  1. Divorce by Husband
  2. Khula by Wife

Services of our lawyer:

  1. Court Marriage
  2. Khula (divorce & Talaq)
  3. Online & Proxy Marriage
  4. Divorce Certificate
  5. Family case
  6. Civil Case
  7. Nab Case

Lawyer For Khula after Nikah:

Are you looking the lawyer for Khula after nikah? Advocate Jamila Ali is the professional family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for services of all kind of cases especially Khula after nikah. Khula after nikah is right of every female, so don’t waste your time. If you want to get the lawyer services for Khula after nikah then you are in the right place.

Guidelines of a Rukhsati and khula in Pakistan:

Jamila Law Associates is the best law firm for khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan. Parents do not see that they send their daughter away at the right time for protection, etc. There is a risk of bandits in the evening when most of the wedding processions leave before khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan. They should not think that their daughter is now someone else's responsibility. It is theirs as much.  (Huquq uz Zawjayn, P-317, 318) 


Shari'ah has made marriage the easiest of deeds while we have introduced very difficult customs into it. Marriage is a very brief affair, nothing is as brief. Not a single paisa may be spent on it, the only essential part of marriage is the consent of its two parties, uttered with the tongue, and that costs nothing.  It is not wajib to distribute dates. As for the dower, it is often a promise to pay later.

Second wife after khula certificate in Pakistan:

If you need khula certificate in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Lahore you can contact Advocate Jamila.  Someone sought my advice on taking a second wife, so I asked him how many homes he had and he said "Just one'". I said, "You should have three homes, one each for a wife and one for you to retire when you quarrel with them." He ceased to go ahead with his idea.



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