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Are you aware of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? If not, then you must know what it is as you read on. Emotional intelligence is defined as a human ability that enables people to deal with other people's needs and feelings in a more intelligent, compassionate and productive manner. Emotional Intelligence is vital for leaders as well as for anyone who want to get ahead in life and improve their quality of life.

At the heart of all the six Emotional Intelligence Courses that I have prepared are skills, processes and concepts that enable you to learn how to manage your emotions, as well as enhance your interpersonal and professional interactions. You can get the free 'EQ: Comprehensive Training Manual' here. These free science-based workshops will not only boost your skill to recognize and manage your own emotions, but will also provide you the essential tools to support your clients, employees or students in building the emotional intelligence of their bodies, minds and spirits. All these skills can be acquired with the help of these three basic Emotional Intelligence Courses that I have prepared.

These three Emotional Intelligence Courses is based on a series of executive workshops that explore leadership, self-leadership, emotional intelligence and workplace communication skills. These core competencies are combined in a highly interactive, dynamic and fun-filled environment. At the end of each course, you will be provided with an extensive set of homework activities that will help you practice your learned skills. In the process, you will enhance your key leadership skills, gain better workplace communication skills, enhance your self-leadership abilities and increase your emotional intelligence.

The second of the Emotional Intelligence Courses in LinkedIn Learning is known as LinkedIn Consulting Mastery. This Emotional Intelligence Course focuses on emotional intelligence skills and consultants who have passed the LinkedIn Professional Portfolio Test. LinkedIn is a web-based professional networking site that has become very popular in recent years among companies of all sizes and sectors. In order to be a successful, LinkedIn consultant, you should be able to: - possess excellent interpersonal skills - be able to demonstrate excellence in your specific strategic area - have a pleasing professional style - have an authentic desire to help people ENDPARAM The third Emotional Intelligence Course in LinkedIn Learning is calling Emotion Intelligence Workshops. This Emotional Intelligence course is for those who have been certified Emotional Intelligence Enhancers. It helps you to develop and implement emotional intelligence skills that are essential in helping people to achieve their maximum potential. It is ideal for professionals who have just become certified Emotional Intelligence Enhancers and for those who want to boost their personal performance in their jobs, relationships and business.

In my Personal Masterclass, I have presented these Emotional Intelligence Courses in a step-by-step manner in an online program that can be followed by anyone even if they are just sitting at their homes. In fact, I have designed a complete system that is suited for people of any level of experience or knowledge. When you purchase an e-book of mine or a membership to my web coaching, you receive access to an in-depth set of introductory Energizing Power Step by Step workshops as well as an eight-week schedule of live teleclass sessions that are full of tools, strategies and techniques to accelerate your personal growth and professional development. These workshops are jam packed with content that helps you to uncover deep-rooted emotional intelligence deficiencies that prevent you from becoming an expert in your chosen strategic area. You also gain access to four CDs that contain worksheets, case studies and case study templates that you can easily download and use in your everyday planning efforts.

Another Emotional Intelligence course that you can easily take advantage of in order to increase your Emotional Intelligence levels is Relationship Management. This course in turn will help you to: - Increase your self-confidence so that you are more capable of handling the people around you. - Develop self-awareness and self-regulation to help keep you from getting emotionally off-track. - Improve communication skills to help keep you from taking verbal shots and acting too prematurely. - Boost your self-image through involvement in community activities.

Finally, Emotional Intelligence training can also come in the form of Emotional IntelligenceTherapy that is also geared towards helping people with emotional intelligence overcome various challenges such as: Stress Management - Managing the stress that life throws at you through stress management workshops. - Building Self-Expression - Improving your self-expression skills so that you are better able to engage others and make them feel good about themselves. - Building Validation and Authenticity - Increase your self-belief and value by building on your strengths and working on your weaknesses. - Building Networking Skills - Improving the way that you interact with others in both work and social settings.

There is no reason why you cannot develop your own personal set of skills to help you manage stress in the workplace and in your personal life. Emotional Intelligence Courses can teach you how to recognize your own emotional signs and turn them into self-awareness and self-expression. These programs will teach you how to: Reduce stress, improve communication skills, build self-awareness and self-expression, increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, and build networking skills.

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