My husband enjoys woodworking. Over the years, he has collected many power tools to support his hobby. Actually it seems like every time he starts a new project a new power tool is needed. His summer project this year was building cabinets and a work table in the garage. The previous summer, he built a loft above where the work table now sits to provide additional storage for Christmas decorations and the last few boxes we never unpacked after we moved in this house. You would think after all that we would have an organized garage but unfortunately that was not the case.

Even though we have a three car facility with one extra long bay, we were still in crunched for space. Of course, we are trying to fit in three cars, two bikes, a riding mower (with some large attachments) and a push mower. And while my husband had created some excellent garage storage with the cabinets, we just didn't have any room to spare. So we took the only option left to us, utilizing the walls for additional garage storage.

We invested in what is called a Slatwall System which is made out of very durable and easy to clean cellulose PVC. You can purchase the slats in various sizes (whatever your need is) and easily mount them to drywall or studs. And you can customize the system with shelves, hooks bins and even cabinets. It was not inexpensive but we consider it not only a benefit for us today but an investment that will attract a buyer when we go to sell our house. If the kitchen is most important to the woman, this area is most important to the man when purchasing a house and will definitely be a selling feature.

With the help of this specialty garage storage, we have moved our lawn tools, bikes, sports equipment, play toys, miscellaneous tools and more off the floor and out of the way. It not only looks better, it has given us room to use our garage again.

An organization fanatic, Julie loves finding creative ways to set her home (and yours!) to rights with practical products and efficient problem-solving. Tackle your closet with closetorganizers and visit Space Savers for other great products sure to help with your clutter problem.

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Children’s Circus Workshops Gold Coast Our vision is to keep children active, fit and healthy while playing games and having fun. We all need a passion in life to stay focused and active at Energy Entertainments, we hope the child will find this inspiration in our workshops.

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