An innovative idea that will help your workforce prepare for the workplace, your team or your aged 15 and above, is a workplace learning toolbox. Designed to inspire creativity and innovation in students, this innovative learning system will allow them to prepare for a structured test in the comfort of their own office. Students will have the option to personalise this learning system by inputting the key facts of their choice or they can simply answer the test as it stands. This innovative system enables you to assess the skills of a student in a fun and relaxed environment. Your staff or your aged 15 and above can receive professional support and guidance from an expert trainer who will prepare them for the results of the test.

Taking a structured test at work can be very frustrating and many people can become stressed and anxious during the process. In the busy working world of today, many people find it hard to fit in a formal study time into their daily schedule. Achieving your goals can be harder than ever and your employees can become less engaged if they are struggling to understand instructions. Aged 15 and above, these students will benefit from the professional and supportive advice and direction that you offer.

There are many benefits of a workplace learning toolbox. Firstly, your staff will have the chance to gain important knowledge and practical experience which they can then apply to their own lives. Everyone has different ideas and opinions about how learning should be undertaken. However, with the help of a professional trainer and the structure offered by the Learning System, students can be motivated to learn in a fun and exciting environment.

The learning process in the toolbox can be broken down into five stages. The first stage delivers critical information that your staff need to know. This information will help them prepare for the assessments that will follow. During the second stage, students will be provided with practice questions and they will have to answer in as much as two minutes. Following this stage, they will go through a review session. At the end of the second stage, the students will have completed the practice modules and will be able to use the toolbox to its full capacity.

During the third stage, the students will be able to put the knowledge they have gained to practical use. They will be expected to implement what they have learned and to demonstrate this at a meeting with other department leaders or with the support of their managers. At the end of the third stage, the students will receive a report card which will assess their learning experience.

The fourth stage of the toolbox is similar to a classroom. However, the classroom setting is combined with one-on-one guidance from an expert trainer. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during a real-life learning experience. By the end of the 4th stage, students should be able to apply what they have learnt effectively in a work environment.

In the workplace learning toolbox course, there are five modules. Each module provides a unique training course designed to help individuals understand the importance of workplace safety. Some of the topics covered are workplace safety regulation, ergonomics, nutrition, personal protective equipment (PPE) and first aid. The fifth module is a hands-on project, in which participants show how they have used the toolbox in a real workplace situation.

All in all, the workplace learning toolbox courses are designed to ensure that employees are informed about health and safety regulations. They also provide valuable insights on how best to utilize PPE and first aid while at work. The training course includes a certificate that is valid in Canada and USA. Upon successfully completing the training, participants will receive a card that has their name, contact details and certificate number.


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Felix Cole 23 days ago

How can PPE and ergonomics help me if I'm unable to do my Java homework without visiting every time we got an assignment to prepare. That's quiet annoying. Even knowing the principles of ergonomics and first aid that won't save me.