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Easement and Law Firms in Lahore:

For the cases of easement rights Nazia Law Associates among best law firms in Lahore and provides best lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. Easement right to be claimed after the period of 20 years. Where the aforesaid period not elapsed, no right of easement can be claimed. No action lies for infringing the right till it matures to easement. Where easement right is disturbed, the plaintiff through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore is entitled to injunction rather than to damages. No obstruction for utilization of water from well for 20 years, opposite party to prove Obstruction of easement right.

Injunction through Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

Where disturbance is of right of superficial support, actual damage is not necessary to entitle the person having the right to get injunction. No injunction through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore can be granted to prevent obstruction to easement of light unless the alleged obstruction causes such diminution of light as to constitute nuisance. There should be substantial deprivation of light. Where right of easement to rest roof on neighbour wall has been acquired, permanent injunction preventing interference with easement by the owner of the wall may be granted.

Plaintiff through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

In a case where an act by defendant controls or obstructs the light and air to which the plaintiff is entitled, an injunction is the rule and damages the exception. Temporary use of land cannot create title and right to prevent another person from land to be established by acts of very definite nature. When the proposed building would obstruct the windows for free passage of light and air to which plaintiff has a right of easement, injunction restraining construction may be granted.

Plaintiff through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore must not only prove existence of right of easement at the time of transfer of property to him but also such right being necessary for enjoyment of transferred property. A suit for natural right to support of one's land by adjacent land is maintainable.

Easement of necessity:

Petitioner claiming easement of necessity rights of sewerage lines and other necessities in respect of plot in dispute on which no construction is raised by defendant. Suit through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore is premature. Plaintiff alleging to have been using six feet wide path for more than 50 years and the path blocked by defendant by raising wall Plaintiffs passage to house blocked. Village path is normally in villages landlords permit others to use their passage, no prescriptive rights established. It is well settled that passage of an easement of necessity can be claimed only when no other way or passage is available.

An easement right through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

An easement of necessity is one without which property retained upon a severance cannot be used at all. not one which is merely necessary to the reasonable enjoyment of that property, it is well settled that in order to claim an easement of necessity it must be shown that it is one without which property cannot be used at all where the plaintiff claims a rite of passage over defendant land. He has to prove that he has no alternative means to access, however, inconvenient for his field. An easement right through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore cannot be allowed by reason of convenience, where the alternate route is available, cannot sustain claim for passage through another property. Where no construction was raised on the sewerage line of the plaintiff, suit is premature. In Pakistan, there are many Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan but In Nazia Law Associate is one of them Best and we have Expert Lawyers in Lahore who work on Legal cases in Pakistan.

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