Execution through Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan:

Nazia Law Associates is among the best law firms in Lahore Pakistan which provides lawyers in Lahore Pakistan for filing the execution petitions of a case. The remedy for execution of decree for injunction lies under Order 21, rule 32. C. P. C. Where the defendant has willfully failed to obey decree of injunction, it may be executed by detention in civil prison of the judgment-debtor. An injunction through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore Pakistan may be enforced against legal representative of the judgment-debtor under Section 50, C. P. C. and against purchasers under Section 52, T. P.

Fixation of Sign Board:

The landlord permitting tenant to fix sign board, landlord cannot turn round and take contrary position. The permanent injunction granted. Further relief of specific performance: Plaintiff filing a suit for permanent injunction instead of suit for specific performance of contract. Plaintiff through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore Pakistan neither in trial Court nor before appellate Court made even an oral request for conversion of suit into suit for specific performance. Appellate Court suo motu raised question that in the case such an application was made same was liable to be granted and set aside Order of trial Court rejecting plaint.

Appellate Court, held, could not set aside, order of trial Court and directing trial Court to grant application for amendment of plaint in anticipation of such application, Order of appellate Court set aside. Relief on injunction claimed, could not be granted. When specific performance is the proper relief, the grant of injunction is a rule and refusal an exception: In suit for permanent injunction, grant of injunction is a rule and refusal an exception.

Ineffective decree effect:

The relief claimed in suit through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore Pakistan neither tenable in law nor could have been claimed. Suit to claim such decrees would be purposeless exercise involving sheer waste of time and money so that such suit to be thrown out at the very preliminary stage on account of their futility.

Injunction against construction in Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan:

The construction should be made after obtaining approved plan from building control authority. Court would not permit construction not duly approved by the authority because such permission would amount to by passing mandatory requirement of law of obtaining approved plan before raising construction and clothe it with legitimacy under order of the Court. The petitioner a neighbor likely to be affected by unauthorized construction, injunction was issued. The defendant has not left open space of ten feet adjacent to the plaintiff’s house and violated building rules and approved plan, Court granted injunction.

Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan:

The defendant blocking door of plaintiff house by raising wall in front of two doors which will be a source of inconvenience, defendant restrained from construction. The unauthorized construction of building, injunction granted. The statement of the plaintiff through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms in Lahore Pakistan that they would demolish building in the case plan is not approved, suit dismissed and injunction vacated.' The defendant obtaining permission from all necessary authorities for construction of multistoried building as required under law, no cogent evidence produced to show that building so constructed will obstruct rights of easement of light, air and privacy amounting to nuisance. No prima facie case, grant of injunction declined. In Pakistan, there are many Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan but In Nazia Law Associate is one of them Best and we have Expert Family Lawyers in Lahore who work on Legal cases in Pakistan.

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